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American football’s season finale between the NFC and AFC conference winners decides the NFL champions. It isn’t just about the sport ‘Super Bowl Sunday’ is a US national holiday, the ads are legendary and big name singers perform. Super Bowl LII sees New England Patriots take on Philadelphia Eagles on 4 February 2018..

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Just the way he goes about his business and the way he kind of takes young guys under his wing. But from Day One here he been as steady as can be, doesn get too high or too low. I haven noticed a change in him (during this streak). A: I hope that every time someone comes to the theatre they are surprised because the show they seeing is different from the show that they last saw at that theatre. When I programming, I trying to find shows that bounce off each other and create sparks. But the defining experience that is the same is the level of the direction, acting, design, customer service.

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Having worked on the RT campus in Donnybrook for 41 years Pat is enjoying being based in town, even though his daily commute is now a little longer. Newstalk has found a home for his motorbike, his normal mode of work transport, in the basement of Marconi House. He is energised by the fact he is working with a young, dynamic team.

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